Scope of activity


  • Fullerene C60 ( of different purity)
  • Fullerenols C60(OH)n
  • Fullerene containing materials (Fullerene-containing soot and athers)

   We perform evaluations aimed at practical application of carbon nanomaterials, develop strategies and technological solutions concerning the issues of:

  • obtaining С60 and С70 fullerenes,

  • obtaining water-soluble С60 derivatives.

Following your request, we can:

  • Perform specific and biological activity evaluations as well as safety evaluations of fullerene derivatives;

  • Develop methods of analysis of fullerenes and their derivatives;

  • Perform synthesis of fullerene derivatives.

Quality & quantity analysis of products containing fullerene are carried out with
UV-, VIS, IR – spectroscopy & also with HPLC method, the impurity detection accuracy being 0,01%.

·  Fullerene C60
Purity grade is 99% - 99,98% of the main product, & sublimated C60;

·  Fullerene C70
Purity grade is 98% - 99,5% of the main product, & sublimated C70;

·  Fullerene
mixture of variable composition;

·  Fullerene derivatives
including water-soluble.