One of the most promising area of practical fullerene application isusing it toobtain biologically active composition systems. 

   A wide range of fullerene biological activity is due to the unique structure of the carbon spheroid, its ability to add various functional groups, possessing a variety of biological activity.

   Presently, functional fullerene derivatives present promising agents to use in various areas of science, medicine and nano-technologies.

   We have developed various laboratory methods to obtain fullerene derivativescontaining functional groupsutterly significant in terms of their medicinal applications (fullerenolsfullerene aminoacids), as well as nano-technologies (fullerene-containing organic semiconducting materials for solar panelslight emitting diodesfield transistors etc.).


   During a number of years ООО Fullerene Centre has been studying ways to obtain aminoacid fullerene derivatives using the reaction of nucleophilic addition of aminoacid salts of varied composition and structure to С60. We have studied in detail the influence of the initial chemical concentrations and the nature of the solvent and interphase catalyststeric factorsand electrostatic interaction of ionic groups on the composition and structure of the formed adducts.These studies led us to develop a complete technological plan of fullerene-aminoacid synthesis of a particular composition with a quantitative yield of the used fullerene.

   С60 fullerenes form stable absolutely clear true solutions with natural vegetable oils, which are absolutely harmless and compatible with animal and human organisms as well as demonstrate anti-oxidant properties. Modifying addition of even small concentrations of fullerenes to oils cause rapid decrease in oxidation (for instancedissolved in the liquid phase and atmospheric air oxygen)increase in photostability and bacteriostatic properties of the liquid phase.

   Water-soluble fullerenolspolyhydroxilized fullerenes of the general formula of С60(ОН)n, whereis varied in the range between 18 and 28 and moreare presently viewed as the most promising C60 derivatives suitable for a broad range of applications due to their high solubility in waterpossibility of further modification and explicit ability to capture radicals.                             

Fullerenols demonstrate low toxicity, and explicit anti-oxidantradio-protective and hepato-protective properties.