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The Company Fulleren-Center

The company has extensive experience in the field of synthesis, research and application of nanocarbon materials.

One of the main aspects of the company's activity Is the search for new pharmaceuticals and the development of technology for their production.

The objectives of the business:

development of a new class of therapeutic agents based on fullerenes with high purity;
study of the state of the obtained compounds in aqueous solutions;
a systematic study of toxicity and antiviral activity of the resulting fullerene derivatives and conjugates based on them;
study of the dependence of the properties of compounds on their structure and identification of the most promising for the medical use of substances.
Our team consists of specialists who have extensive experience in research work. Our employees are authors and / or co-authors of scientific publications in Russian and foreign publications.

study of fullerene derivatives for specific and biological activity and safety,
development of methods for analysis of fullerenes and their derivatives ,
synthesis of fullerene derivatives (C60 (OH)n).
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